Thursday, November 13, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, David Bazan, Girls' Rock Show, Letter Writing, Found Footage Fest, and More

Here are some things to do this weekend which you probably won't do because it's fucking cold and going to snow.

"Good Time" rolls on at the Replay tonight.  We're hoping for jokes about gay marriage in Kansas and harpooning comets.


The Bottleneck must not have been able to score any regional jamgrass bands for Friday so they accidentally booked a great indie show instead:  David Bazan and the Passenger String Quartet, with the great songwriter Dave Dondero opening.

There's also a great fundraiser at Lawrence Creates Makerspace to help fund a Girls Rock camp for next summer in LFK.  There's a line-up of lady rockers on the bill along with a silent art auction, prize giveaways, booze, etc.  Full details here


And 40 Watt Dreams plays an early Love Garden show on Friday along with Allison Olassa and we're told that some kind of (home-brewed) Interstellar Beer will be on hand.  We don't see a time listed, but we'd guess 7:00 pm??  For a small number of you, this is WAY more exciting than the first official KU basketball game of the season.

On Saturday, KU will play football in the snow.  If we beat TCU, will the students have to break the ice on Potter Lake to submerge the goalposts?  Let's not worry about it.  We won't be defeating TCU.

Don't forget the second installment of the "Letter Writing Club" on Sunday afternoon for all those absolutely sick of this internet bullshit.  According to Facebook,  46 people are going.  That seems a little hard to believe but, if so, awesome.  It's at 2:00 pm at Decade.  Details here.


And the always-unusual Found Footage Festival stops through on Sunday.  This time it's at Liberty Hall at 7:00.

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