Monday, November 10, 2014

Nerdy Presentations At Nerd Nite and Beyond: Coffee Beans, Medieval Armour, Wild Edibles, Riot Grrrls, and Emily Graslie

It's a good week to hear nerdy presentations in LFK, if you're willing to brave the polar vortex!

Nerd Nite is back on Wednesday.  This month's topics include coffee beans, medieval armour, and "foraging for wild edibles," which we hope means psychedelic mushrooms.  Check out the FB event page here.

If you prefer your lectures more academic and with less booze, stop by the Malott Room in the KU Union at 7:00 on Wednesday evening to hear noted "zine" scholar Janice Radway.  Yes, we wish this event were happening at Wonder Fair, but you can't have it all.  In keeping with the expectations of zine culture, there isn't much online promotion for this event, but here's a picture we snapped and a link to a few details.

And on Thursday, Emily Graslie, the "Chief Curiousity Correspondent" of the Field Museum, will speak at the Commons at KU at 7:00. Now that's a great job title!  She's also the host of the popular Youtube series "The Brain Scoop."  The FB event page is here.  Expect her talk to range "from romantic ants to skinning a wolf to odd museum jobs."

We're voting Emily our official nerd-crush of the week!

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