Monday, February 22, 2010

This Week in Oread Hotel News: Fire! / Also, The Boys Check Back in With Anna Undercover's Stripper Blog!

The Oread managed to clean off its "SHOUT PEACE" graffiti in time for Saturday's swanky grand opening only to find Sunday evening marred by smoke that caused all guests (including the Oklahoma basketball team, who apparently travel in style despite sucking) to evacuate to the lobby for an hour or so.

Despite on-line rumors, however, the smoke was not the next step in a local anarchist revolution nor a K2 mishap by the stoned employees, but merely the result of some "oily rags" in the laundry room: "A basket of kitchen rags that had been washed and were sitting in the laundry room in the bottom level of the hotel spontaneously combusted, producing smoke" (LJ-World).

Chip: "I'm fairly sure that these rags did not 'spontaneously combust' and I blame the fucking Sooners."

Richard: "Myself, I suspect it was ghosts. Almost certainly ghosts."


Believe it or not, we haven't checked in with Anna Undercover's local stripper blog yet in 2010, but that doesn't mean we don't read it faithfully (Chip: "I usually read it with my pants off.").

Anna's newest entry is a particularly interesting tale of a recent trip to New York in which she tries to pay for the trip by getting hired for an evening at a strip club, only to discover that several clubs deem her not quite pretty enough ("...strip clubs are always hiring, unless they aren't hiring you...We were still wearing our jackets, but you know what? We're cute girls!"). Indignant, Anna agrees to visit the hotel room of a "banking executive" who pays her $400 dollars for some private dances (for the entirety of a Diana Krall album) and helps restore her faith in her own beauty: "I emerged, dressed in a matching bra and panty set I just happened to be wearing, and matching heels I used to wear to the office as an intern at an Ivy League university..."You look great," he said. I wasn't standing in the dark lighting at the Outhouse or wearing my usual Bettie Page-style fishnet thigh-highs, so I was flattered by his compliment."

Chip: "This is easily the most touching story I've heard in awhile. Also, I'm fairly certain that this girl is a prostitute."

Richard: "Well, Chip, it's like our parents always told us: any stripper will fuck for the right price."

Read the full tale here:

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