Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Week in Free State Beer News! / And The Boys Check In With On-Line Lost Geeks!

An article in yesterday's UDK brings good news for lovers of Larryville's locally brewed Free State beer: "Free State Brewing Co. anticipates beginning bottle distribution to Kansas and Missouri vendors sometime this April."

That's right: the brewery's Ad Astra Ale, Wheat State Golden, Oatmeal Stout and Copperhead Pale Ale (along with various seasonal offerings) will soon be on sale at a liquor store near you and on tap across the two-state area. But it's safe to assume that locals will continue to lug their growlers into the Brewery itself, since they are more eco-friendly and also because we have grown so attached to our growlers that many of us have given them pet names.

Richard: "I call my growler 'Growly.'"

Chip: "Is that a subtle reference to the Simpsons' line, 'I call the big one 'bitey.'"

Richard: "Probably."

For a fine article on growlers, check out this piece from the NY-Times, which examines their ever-growing popularity in the hipster enclaves of Brooklyn and contains this great line from a hipster entrepreneur: "Growlers have been around since Christ was a child."


Captain Chanute: "I'm rarely seen on the streets of Brooklyn when I'm not drinking the local swill fresh from my favorite growler."


Tuesdays are for Lost geeks, so the rest of you "normal" folks can stop reading now (not that you've been reading anyway, judging from recent entries) and go back to doing whatever it is that "normal" people do, such as having sex or talking about American Idol.

Tonight's episode (6.5) is Jack-centric and titled "Lighthouse." But most of the talkbacks, as always, concern the Smoke Monster.

Let's see what Crow3711 thinks: "Ben "Controlling" Smokie Is A Different Bag of Marbles. That's one thing I still don't understand. Do you guys remember the episodes surrounding that encounter? First, Ben, faced with possible death, still INSISTS he knows nothing about the monster one episode. The next episode, he disappears into a room hidden inside a Dharma house (which never made sense to me...did Dharma know about it? Did the others build the hidden room after the took over post-purge? Why is that room in Dharma-ville?) pulls the plug on an ancient toilet, and Smokie comes charging in Freight Train style, like we've never seen. Then Ben says he lied about the Monster. Except..clearly he really didnt, cause he obviously doesn't know a fucking thing about Smokie/MiB or even Jacob. That whole series of events is baffling. The real question comes to, was Smokie playing with them still and only came to their aid on his own accord, and the toilet was coincidence, or being a "prisoner" in some way, is he actually forced at times, when certain things happen, to go and protect and serve etc? I think his prisoner status has to have something to do with why he answered the toilet bowl, right?"

Chip: "I think the toilet bowl is a potent symbol of the show being shitty. Get a life, geeks!"


Capt. Chanute said...

I must amend my comment on the blog today. The local swill will most likely come from Brooklyn Brewery or Kelso. Both of which suck because they have gotten complaisant due to a guaranteed audience: local liberals with disposable income to be burned on sub par beer (PBR if not growler fare) and "vintage" clothing (most likely bought in Kansas by shitheads like us and sold in NYC for a grand profit).
Anyways, I have actually found some really choice breweries exist in NJ, upstate NY and Long Island. Ommegang Abbey, Tripel Horse, Magic Hat and Dogfish Head (maybe up in NH actually) just to name a few. Never would have thought. Now, if they start offering growlers, I will swiftly move my too-hip-to-be-called-a-hipster ass to their locale and drown in their savory suds. Why did I leave the comfy confines of the Free State anyways?

all hail the captain! said...

I believe you're the only sumbitch reading these days! (or at least the only one who comments. What's with all these silent fuckers who enjoy the hilarity without engaging in the banter?).

The LC is pleased to have insider knowledge of the Brooklyn area. But tell is this-- Which Brooklyn band is hipper: Dinosaur Feathers or Class Actress?

(and don't say Yeasayer).

another sumbitch said...

Just a note...Dogfish Head is distributed out of my home state of Delaware!

Magic Hat is out of Burlington, VT, and the #9 is mighty tasty!

King of the Road said...

When I pulled off a country road in Upstate New York, I was delighted by the microbrew selection at the corner gas station. Here, here to the brewers and gas stations of the Northeast!