Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Kansas City Blog Becomes...a "One-Woman Show" / And The Boys Check out KC's "Ink" Magazine

Readers, we all know that blogs occasionally become books ("Stuff White People Like"). And occasionally they become books that are turned into movies (Julie and Julia). And now we have a local writer/actress named Lyndsey in Kansas City who has turned her blog, The Man Fast, into a one-woman stage show.

As best as we can tell (from a quick perusal) the oddly title The Man Fast, with its tagline: "I was never very good at sticking to a diet," is a pretty standard (and not particularly well-written) relationship blog about being single in KC.

Here's an excerpt from a recent entry:

"I am pouting. He has gone and left me alone on a Monday night. How dare he? Is Thailand really so much cooler than me???? Okay, it probably is, but the thought of two months without not-so-gay-gay-best-friend chat, PBR and waffle fries makes me a little dismayed. Who else can I snort in front of or berate for being too damn nice?"

Richard: "There's just something inherently dramatic about an evening of PBR and waffle fries that begs to be staged, and I'm sorry I missed her show. Luckily, it's given me the idea of writing a play based on the Larryville Chronicles. I really think my work here would lend itself quite well to the stage, with various readings by Chip and myself as well as audience participation segments of 'Is it art, or isn't it?' and 'Country Corner,' in which we play country songs and improv our analysis live on the spot. Of course, we'd invite the Transmittens as the house band."

Chip: "But how can I participate, being a fictional character and all?"

Richard: "Good point, but I guess I might ask my friend Kip to play your role."

Check out The Man Fast at www.themanfast.blogspot.com/


The boys are loyal, long-time readers of KC's PitchWeekly, but they've also become fans of KC's new cultural guide, Ink, in recent months (www.inkkc.com).

One especially interesting feature is Ink's "hottest reader" contest, which was won by Amanda Johnson, 26, who's as "comfortable sipping martinis at The Drop as she is drinking Miller High Life and watching football at Charlie Hooper’s." Does she look comfortable eating this ice-cream cone? Check her out below, and send your own hot pictures (ladies only, please) to Chip and Richard for possible inclusion in our upcoming "babes of the LC" feature.


Anonymous said...


I fear your fan base will only elicit illicit pictures of guys with boners or squashes in odd orifices regarding your call for hot babe photos. Just a guess...

noggs said...

Probably right, but we're hoping that maybe the chick from the stripper blog is a reader!

Anonymous said...

A fair wager. Although, I think I have a better solve. Get the One-Woman Show to make a one woman show and send photo documentation, as graphic as possible, to the LC. This could be big (or some other ambiguous adjective that borders on disgusting when considered in a sexual sense). This very well could be what is needed to make the stage version of the LC hit Broadway with fury!

Let Pastor J set you straight said...

Our culture has tried to package spirituality like candy. If it tastes good, then it is good. If there isn’t an easy answer, then there is no answer. Spirituality has never been nor will it ever be easy. Real spirituality is dangerous...

So you can ask now: How can I be so certain? I’m obviously young and partially dumb, and I have such long and unkempt hair. Well, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time I was wandering the city streets dreaming about enlightenment, and the question came to me: What happens if the Buddhist’s cat dies? Does the Buddhist cry inconsolably? It seems to me that everyone imagines that the Buddha is stoic, a picture of peace, never disturbed, because of his immense understanding of all things in the Karmic cycle. But that image of Buddha seems to me to be wrong. I don’t think it is the image of Buddha that Buddhists have because that wouldn’t be the image of enlightenment, but an image of insensitivity. Of course the Buddha cries if his cat dies.

i can give a woman three euphemisms in 1 sitting said...

I think Pastor J was really giving us an extended metaphor about "pussy". Good one, PJ!