Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Boys Consider KJHK's New Studio!

For 35 years, Larryville hipsters have been getting hip with KJHK, the student-run radio station broadcasting out of KU's Sudler Annex, more commonly termed "the Shack." But that's about to change soon: KJHK is soon to move into swanky new digs on the fourth floor of the Kansas Union. Can it retain its hipness?

Last week's Jayplay offers a loving tribute to "the Shack," noting great moments in the station's history such as this one:

"In 1978, a staff member read a false news report that a nuclear attack on Waterloo, Iowa, had killed 15,000 people. The story was written as a joke by another staff member."

Chip: "Hilarious!"

The piece also provides a vivid description of "the Shack's" interior:

"The shack harbors years of music history on its walls. Current and former students have expressed their creativity, or boredom in the form of graffiti. Dirty pictures and strong opinions such as “Indie is shit,” cover the walls."

Chip: "Why would indie-loving hipster DJ's write 'indie is shit' on the wall? That would be like me going into Quinton's and writing 'Titties are boring.'"

Richard: "The best thing on KJHK right now is the 'Kansas in Heat' sex advice show. You should probably connect with them on Facebook, but it looks like Dr. C. missed their recent episode devoted to the new British study regarding the G-spot:

Chip: "With the help of these sexually-knowledgeable hipsters, one of these days I'll find that spot!"


Pastor J says said...

It is that disconnect that can cause one to be cynical, suspicious, and jaded.

Sentimentality without substance is like cotton candy. It’s sweet and fluffy, but after you taste it there’s not much to show for it.

i cannot make it cohere! said...

An indie-loving hipster writing "indie is shit" on the walls of an uber-indie radio station? How indie!

Hipsters take irony to a level which erases all meaning from their subculture. Pound is not pleased.

Anonymous said...

Chip, you will never discover any sexual truths through hipster-backed radio programs. Two reasons: 1. no good lesson on sex can be heard; it must be seen, watched over and over, masturbated to, and then tried on the most unsuspsecting (or drunkest) underage woman at Quinton's and 2. hipsters rarely fuck. Peace out

I can connect nothing with nothing said...

I think Adam is back!