Friday, January 8, 2010

Geek Uproar of the Week / Hipster Pick of the Day

Readers, if you are a geek, you're most likely in a panic right now, because the State of the Union address is slated to be scheduled for February 2 which means, of course, that it will replace and postpone the premiere of the final season of Lost.

So, the first thing you need to do is join the Twitter campaign to move the State of the Union address to a time more acceptable to geeks (such as during Grey's Anatomy). You'll find like-minded folks at the hashtags #NoStateofUnionFeb2 and #JacobWantsUsToMoveTheWhiteHouse, where fanboys with names like John_Locke are writing: "Damn right. Im gonna crush if they fuck with #LOST."

Chip: "Lost is terrible, but I can understand the fans' anger on some level. I wouldn't be happy if the address replaced, for instance, Steven Seagal: Lawman."


For PBR-fortified hipsters braving the subzero windchills tonight, there are several options. The ever-popular Rooftop Vigilantes are at the Replay, but perhaps the more unusual show is at the TapRoom: a tribute to Fleetwood Mac performed by members of Ghosty and other area bands. Do hipsters like Fleetwood Mac even though the band is pretty much embraced across the board?

Richard: "Well, only the early stuff with Peter Green. We'll step out for smoke breaks during Don't Stop. And hopefully they'll find a good choice to sing Stevie. Suzannes Johannes, I'm guessing."


cl.ggle said...

I was a massive Suzannah Johannes fan until I saw her at a less than impressive Tap Room show bedecked in what can only be described as an AARP Taos outfit. I know of no other way of detailing the catastrophe she called clothes. Mind you, at this point I was at such a state of rapture with this girl/woman's art that I would have accepted such a range of sartorial choices that the most ridiculous ensemble Bjork ever put together may have been kosher. But this, dear readers, was too much.

I say this with sadness - Stevie Nicks' ill-fitting, shapeless doily dresses are cutting edge fashion compared to Miss Johannes' look that night. Please, Suzie, get it together so I can obsess about you on a more visceral level.


Nip said...

What's happening here? The characters of this blog seem to be melding together!