Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Boys' Guide to Fine Dining: Pachamama's "Corn Dog" / And a Major Hipster Announcement!

The boys have developed rather sophisticated palates over their years in Larryville, but they still have a fondness for the foods of their youth. Therefore, they were very excited upon hearing that downtown's bastion of fine dining, Pachamama's, was adding a "corn dog" to its menu.

Let's take a look at the Pitch's description:

"What was once adored primarily by small children has drifted from the carnival midway to better restaurants and cafes, although not every chef wants to be limited to a weiner. Pachama's Baker uses pieces of duck meat -- a bit too chewy, I might add -- skewered and dipped in cornmeal batter, deep-fried and served with a satiny blueberry confit."

Chip: "You can't put a duck in a corn dog, foodies!"

Richard: "I'm guessing it costs $24 dollars."

Honorable Reverend H, Eastsider: "I'd gladly pay $24 dollars for a corn dog IF it were being cooked by Robert Krause at Dempsey's."


The most important local hipster announcement of 2010 thus far is that new hipster buzz-band Surfer Blood will rock the Replay on March 13 (on their way to SXSW in Austin). Pitchfork chooses their single "Swim (To Reach the End)" as #37 in their "100 best tracks of 09" list, writing:

"Fuck Tim Tebow-- in the past few years, the greatest act of public service from University of Florida students was committed when Surfer Blood changed their name and spared us the indignity of having to say 2009's best piece of Weezer-esque power-pop came from a band called Jabroni Sandwich."

Chip: "I'd rather eat a Jabroni Sandwich than a duck corn dog."

Richard: "I prefer their song 'Floating Vibes.' Check them out here:


Pastor J. said...

I think when most of us hear this scripture, we think, “Look at that! There’s a story about how God is well pleased with Jesus in a way that God will never be well pleased with me.” Its one of those moments when we hear this story and we say, “Wow! Didn’t Jesus have a special life?” Jesus is special and we are not. Jesus is the Messiah. God talks to Jesus and not to us. Jesus is close to God, not us.”

non-sequitur said...

On any other blog's comment section, Pastor J's remarks would be seen as strange and completely off-topic. Here? Quite relevant and topical.

jabroni sandwich said...


Pastor J's Underwriters said...

It's my new character.

I will respond only in excerpts from jables sermons.

And, generally speaking, I'll pick the comment before I read the piece.

--And it will still make just as much sense.