Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scenester Pick and Worthy Cause of the Day: Noise for Toys at Bottleneck

Each year around this time, the Noise Boys of The Noise FM roll into town from Chicago, bringing rock and roll to hip boys and girls and raising money to make sure tots have toys (all proceeds go to Douglas County Toys for Tots). But don't think the Boys have forgotten their humble roots in Fort Scott, Kansas, where they spent their teenage years with none other than Chip himself, doing whatever it is young boys do in Fort Scott (chasing farmer's daughters around the hayloft, probably).

Also on tonight's bill is Cowboy Indian Bear, who have been making A LOT of noise recently, opening for Florence and the Machine in KC and recording a Daytrotter session complete with the typically nutty Daytrotter description full of lines such as this: "The new heart would act as potting soil and tender loving care to bring something shiny and sunnier to this area of such ugly and cold topography."

Rounding out the line-up will be KC's Making Movies (we're gonna shake our asses, Latin-style!), Team Bear Club (hijinks), and Hawley Shoffner ("Adorkable!"*), whom you may remember from the era when Larryville still had a Style Scout column (here is Hawley's Scout ).

*Chip is responsible for the above obnoxious use of the word "Adorkable," a Zooey Deschanel/ New Girl reference. He watches with a faithful Zooey-boner each week even though it's 100% dreadful.

Doors at 8:00. Show at 8:30.

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