Monday, December 12, 2011

SantaCon is Coming (Back) To Town / Missed Connection of the Week From Aladdin's Cafe

Last year marked Larryville's first experience with SantaCon, a nationwide gathering of bar-hopping Santas.

This Saturday the event returns. Hopefully the weather is fit for frolicking, so locate a Santa suit and meet up with the participants at 2:00 at the Sandbar.

But will there be any naked Santas of the sort that assembled in San Francisco this past Saturday attempting to set a record for "largest gathering of naked Santas?" We sure hope so. You can watch a short video of the naked Santa gathering here via Buzzfeed (warning: video contains naked Santas) and you can get the full scoop on the Lawrence SantaCon over here .

And here's a patio full of Sandbar Santas at last year's event. How many can you recognize?


Here's a new Larryville Missed Connection from Aladdin's. Somehow we have a feeling this gentleman is not going to get a call from the lady in question, but maybe we're wrong and she's totally into orgies with obnoxious dudes.

"You were wearing a black shirt and jeans. I can't stop thinking about your amazing rack (D cups?). I wrote my phone number on the bill, but you must have lost it since you never called me. I thought we had real chemistry. You giggled when I tried to pronounce Gyro as JI-ROH...I am open to just one on one sex or an orgy with your hot friends (I mean you're hot, so you have hot friends right?). Sorry, no long term relationship, I'm a playa ya know?"

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