Friday, December 16, 2011

Weekend Cultural Coverage: Honky-Tonkin' with the Wilders, Booze-Fueled Mayhem with Scroat Belly, and Cavorting With Drunken Santas

Signs are pointing to tonight's Wilders' gig at Liberty Hall being an old-fashioned barnburner. A) It's one of their last gigs before taking 2012 off. B) They are joined by Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three. C) The gig is not billed as the usual ultra-family-friendly Holiday Hoedown (which had grown a bit forced in its jolliness lo these past few years). But yet there is still special child-pricing ($2.50) making us fear the room will be full of kids crying like babies when we spill our beers on them.

Here's Pokey!

And you should probably follow up the Liberty show with a trek down to the Replay to catch the legendary Scroat Belly (have they played without Kirk before?) and Snakebite, which features members of Split Lip, Grain and Demise, and Hell Cat Trio, or so says the Replay's site. This show will be rowdy. Someone send us a report (since we'll certainly be passed out already by then).

And don't forget to join the drunken Santas of SantaCon tomorrow as they booze it up at the Sandbar, the Granada, the Red Lyon, the Replay, and Henry's. Check out their itinerary here

Look at Santa on stage at the Replay from last year's event:

And we leave you today with this video of a Senior Citizen flash mob dancing at the Larryville Wal-Mart. Old folks are so hip right now!

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