Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nerd Nite Is Back for Round Two / Indie Flick Pick of the Week: Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty

Readers, we had a good time at the first Nerd Nite last month and we're ready for Round 2. The line-up looks like this.

Paphiopedilum Dreams: Confessions of an Orchid Freak by Brian Donovan

Attunement- 4 Steps Toward Making A Connection by Sam Bunnyfield

Superheroes as Symbols of Justice by Blake Wilson

Our initial reactions:

What's a Paphiopedilum?

We know Sam Bunnyfield and she's cool as hell.

The third title seems kind of obvious.

Look for us in the back taking notes (drunkenly).


Our indie flick pick of the week is Julia Leigh's Sleeping Beauty, which is currently in theaters (not near us) and OnDemand. It makes for a good unsexy, sex flick to tide you over until the Midwest finally opens McQueen's Shame and Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method in late January.

Look at this excerpt from The Guardian's review:

"In a way, Sleeping Beauty is a very unmodern film, a throwback to the artporn and chateau-erotica of the 1970s, epitomised by the delirious, and once much-banned fantasies of Walerian Borowczyk: Immoral Tales and The Beast... Yet Leigh carries off her semi-surreal fantasy, mostly, just by keeping it utterly deadpan. She audaciously tests her audience's patience, quite a bit, by preceding one sex scene with an extended dialogue about the Austrian author Ingeborg Bachmann. This scene has caused many to groan, and yet it is all part of Leigh's elegant, asymmetric style."

Chip: "Will this film give me a boner, or is it just some artsy feminist tract?"

Chip, the answer is yes to both.

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