Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheap Beer: Drink It and Listen To It

Sure, every night is cheap beer night in Larryville, but tonight it's official: Cheap Beer, the debut vinyl compilation from Replay Records, will be available at the Jackpot for ten bucks (which also scores you a Jackpot rock show tonight, a Love Garden rock show tomorrow evening, and a Replay rock show tomorrow night). We recommend carrying the record around for the rest of the weekend to prove that you are hip.

Will we be in attendance? Unlikely, since tonight also brings the coolest Christmas party of the year at Free State Glass Company. Glassblowing, Free State beer, bands, dancing, and smoked meats.


And we'll leave you today with this picture of former KU basketball star Scot Pollard trying on some red heels. (The annual Red Shoe calendar is available starting today).

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