Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Wilders Tear the Roof Off / Alarmist LJ-World Editorial of the Day / Odd Photo of the Weekend

Readers, some things are too good and pure for us to heap any snark upon them and such is the case with the Wilders' "end of an era" show at Liberty Hall last night, a masterpiece of breakneck fiddling, heartbreaking honky-tonk, and certainly the best harmonica playing we've ever witnessed (courtesy of Pokey Lafarge's ace multi-instrumentalist Ryan Koenig). The evening culminated with both bands joining the crowd on the dance floor and taking turns solo-ing atop a chair for a singalong of "I Wish I Was a Catfish." If you didn't wish YOU were a catfish by the end of the set, you probably weren't paying attention.


We can't get enough of editorials by East Larryville progressives up in arms about the possibility of Doug Compton's new hotel. Here's one from today's paper called "Death Knell":

"I see where they want to build another tower in East Lawrence: the “iSoar Tower.” Is that grandiose enough?

This seems an odd neighbor for the old veterinary office, the Social Service League, the Percolator, the ancient Turnhalle and the other venerable buildings along Rhode Island Street.

Apartments, condos — gosh, even a hotel. Perhaps they’ll have a casino. The winner would get the last parking place in Lawrence.

Let’s be serious. This tower would toll the death knell for East Lawrence. It must not happen."

Richard: "The writer should have printed that last sentence in all caps."

Chip: "A casino sounds terrific."


And we leave you today with this photo of KU basketball's Naadir Tharpe being pushed around in a shopping cart at Wal-Mart. It's one of Coach Self's more unusual training methods.

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