Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nerd Nite Recap / KC Scenester Pick of the Week: La Guerre at Record Bar

Larryville's second installment of Nerd Nite has come and gone and, like the first, it packed Pachamamas full of nerds. After the Nerd Nite origin story had been invoked (this is a nice touch, conjuring the feel of a comic book...or a religion), the presentations began.

Here is what we learned:

--Sometimes a lecture about orchids can sound like a lecture about boners ("Long." "Veiny." Size is very important in judging.").

--"Some orchids smell like rotting meat."

--Children's activities can work just as well with a roomful of intoxicated nerds as they do with children ("Zip Zap Zop!").

--If a lecturer asks an audience of nerds whether they remember the terrible 1996 film version of The Phantom the audience will all sigh "Billy Zane" in unison.

--Nerds may not ask a lot of questions following a presentation about orchids or a presentation about "attunement," but they will ask A LOT of fucking questions after a presentation about comic books.


That Katlyn Conroy sure is prolific. Her new solo project, La Guerre, makes its debut tomorrow night (Dec. 16) at the Record Bar in KC at 10:00 (preceding sets by the Fullbloods and Hidden Pictures). You should probably go.

Chip: "I think 'La Guerre' is French for sex, isn't it? And I've heard that Katlyn will be dressed as a French chanteuse. And why do I know the word chanteuse?"

Check out the La Guerre Tumblr site over here

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Matt Wasowski said...

ah, the classic battle of penis vs. orchid lives on.