Sunday, December 11, 2011

What We Missed On Stop Day Eve / Weekend Multiplex Guide: David Gordon Green's The Sitter

Readers, we had a rollicking time at Noise for Toys last night. Chip almost won the ugly sweater contest (inadvertently, as usual) and Hawley Shoffner embraced her inner sex symbol and rock star with a kick-ass opening set. Head over to I Heart Local Music for a full gallery of shots such as this from last night's proceedings:

But let's turn our attention today not to pictures of bands but to pictures of drunken scholars taking a well-deserved study break on Stop Day Eve. Luckily, the KU Nights site gives us an important glimpse into this culture.

First is this pic from the Miss Phoggy Dog contest photo gallery (which includes not a single shot of the actual Miss Phoggy Dog contest):

Meanwhile, over at Saint's, this happened (Free PBR for whoever comes up with the funniest caption to explain what's going on in the photo).

And at Abe and Jake's, things got a little sexy (Chip: "When I was young and 'going steady,' we used to walk around with our hands in each other's back pockets. These days, it's right down the front of the pants. Certainly it's a change for the better.").


Readers, it's awards season, and that means each week brings a new film looking for Oscar gold, such as...Jonah Hill in The Sitter, this weekend's raunchy babysitter comedy from (once well-respected) David Gordon Green.

NY Mag says: "The opening scene has [Hill] giving epic head to a furiously climaxing Ari Graynor...".

Chip: "The last great film I saw that began with a scene of cunnilingus was Sam Mendes' Away We Go. And the last great film I saw before that which began with a scene of cunnilingus was probably Twat Lickers 3, which I picked up on a whim from Miracle Video without even having seen the first two films in the trilogy. It was quite good."

Richard: "Seriously, is David Gordon Green ever going to make another REAL film? Did anyone actually make it to the end of Your Highness?"

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