Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Watch the Naked Lola Episode of Work of Art / Scenester Pick of the Day: Hidden Pictures and Minden at Tap Room

Readers, we watch Bravo's Work of Art regularly anyway, but we watched more closely than ever last night, since this "Lola gets naked" episode had been heavily promoted for weeks, keeping Chip in a state of constant agitation. And did it live up to his expectations? Yes. In fact, he added it to his list of "most erotic TV moments" alongside "Audrey and the cherry stem on Twin Peaks" and "Quinton's waitress appears on The Bachelor."

Here's a look at Lola's work of art, which consisted of a naked photo of herself with brutally honest "secrets" superimposed over the top. Get it? The idea of "baring all" has a double meaning here. Naturally, her piece was one of the winners. (sorry for the small pic, dirty-minded readers, but go watch the episode).

The AV-Club raises some interesting points about televised nudity in their review:

"As with Kymia early in the season, Lola’s actual breasts threaten to send society into a Caligula-esque spiral of decadence and must be censored, but life-size photographs of her breasts are A-OK. I guess that once the female form has been processed through TWO different layers of conglomerate-sanctioned mediation, it is suitable for viewing by America. Quite a culture we got here!"

Indeed, during the actual photo-shoot, Lola's "naughty parts are obscured in the TV image by superimposed flesh-colored shapes—a post-production technique far weirder than the traditional pixelation route" (AV-Club).

Chip: "Weirder, yes. Better, definitely."

Read the full AV-Club review over here .


It's Stop Day Eve in Larryville, and that means pure debauchery, but if you're like us you're a little too old too partake in the best of it (we'll just peruse the KU Nights website instead to see what we missed). The best bet for scenesters this evening is to check out our adorable buddies in Hidden Pictures at the Tap Room. They're joined by Minden who, according to HP's Facebook page, "will be covering the new Mariah Carey Christmas album." That's probably not true. But expect plenty of surprises and catchy pop tunes.

Go to HP's Bandcamp and get the new song "Tangerine," along with a cover of the Cranberries' "Dreams."

And make sure to get Minden's new EP "Gold Standard" over here and watch the very funny title video, Warning: the video contains powerful imagery such as this:

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