Friday, December 9, 2011

We Welcome New KU Football Coach Charlie Weis / Scenester Pick of the Day: Paradise Cookbook Party / Sexy Pick of the Day: Winter Wonderland at R Bar

The KU Athletics Department has been severely lacking in big ol' boys since the departures of Lew Perkins and Mark Mangino but all that changed yesterday when new KU football coach Charlie Weis flew into town.

Chip: "Seriously, there is NO way that man fit in that teensy little airplane."

But let's get beyond the weight jokes and turn to the LJ-World talkbackers for some trenchant sports analysis regarding the new hire, a man who knows his way around not only BCS Bowls but Super Bowls.

thepianoman says: "I say we take this new coach out and hit up the buffett at the Habitachi Grill over by Jason's Deli!"

520dude says: "Is he not doing anymore Mike and Molly shows?"

And hawkster007says: "Weis knew that Kansas' topography would support his frame because of Mangino's prior tour of duty here."

So, is ANYBODY talking about his coaching capabilities?

drgnslayr says: "It feels like we are a restaurant hiring a waitress who seems very qualified, but has worked at 30 or 40 other restaurants in the past 5 years. The formula for success is right next door in Manhattan. KSU was a zilch in football (pretty much like us) and built a program with a guy who put his roots in Manhattan.
Do any of you really think Weis will be here in 5 years? Until I read something different, my first impression is we just hired a very qualified waitress."

And here's another photo that looks like an outtake from Scorsese's Goodfellas:


You can't talk to an aging scenester in this town for more than 10 minutes without at least one reference to Paradise Cafe. So we assume that tonight's Paradise Cafe and Bakery Cookbook release party and book-signing will draw a nice crowd to The Raven (5:00-7:00). If you take a walk early tomorrow in East Lawrence, expect to smell a lot of the Paradise's breakfast enchiladas cooking.

Get the full scoop from The Raven's site .


But maybe you're looking for something a little sexier, something that skews to a younger demographic. We recommend tonight's Winter Wonderland event at R-Bar (former Jet Lag) which features a "Sexy Santa Helpers" costume contest that can land you a trip to Mexico. The very idea of it is giving us a major Christmas boner the likes of which we haven't experienced since Alison Brie's Christmas song on last night's episode of Community (which geeks across the land are masturbating to even as we speak: you know that it's true.). Please watch said video on YouTube right here if you have somehow not seen it yet.

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