Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Chronicles' Welcome An Old Friend Back to Town / Also, Larryville Destroys the 4th of July!

Long-time readers may remember the long-ago days when Shawn T. occasionally joined the boys during the years when they met on Monday nights at Quinton's. In those days, reports were delivered via a select e-mail discussion group as opposed to displayed on the web for all the world to marvel at (we currently have more than ten readers!). In fact, Shawn is responsible for one of the great punchlines of the era, which Kip still quotes on occasion: "That girl must have attended a fine finishing school."

Shawn joined the boys for Cl.thier's Yacht Club gig last night, relaying his exploits teaching college along the Mexican border, where he picks up a little extra cash from the Border Patrol by patrolling the border and reading Moby Dick to the illegal immigrants trying to enter the country, who often become so enraptured by the white whale tale that they pause for hours, allowing the Border Patrol to catch them.

While Cl.thier's summertime crowd was a little on the thin side and featured a few drunk fratty hecklers in the back, a good time was had by all, except Kip, who stayed home with a headache ("like a girl!" said Ashley, of PayLess Shoes). And the Chronicles would like to thank Cl.thier for promoting the blog during the show! (but it's too bad the crowd was too drunk to write down its name and look it up!).

In other local news, boneheaded city leaders have decided to move this year's fireworks away from downtown and out to West Larryville, supposedly for fear that a few drunken members of the increasingly large crowds may fall into the river. The city assures fireworks fans that there will be no pre-show concert (due to lack of electricity in the field) and that there will not be enough parking, but nonetheless urges everyone to come out and have a good time.

Richard says: "Fuck off. I'll just go to the Replay."


Anonymous said...

Are you really going to the Replay on July 4? I thought you were going to Arkansas.

Well, if you are in town, I think Shelley and Lesley will both be in Lawrence. We should all play at the Replay!


call me ishmael said...

Yes, the blog's truths are hard to decipher.

(but I'm fairly certain Shawn really does work for the Border Patrol!).