Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight in Larryville: Let's Polka! / Also: Richard Infiltrates the East-Side! / Plus, Kip Writes a Dissertation!

The Grammy-winning polka freaks of Denton, Texas, Brave Combo, are set to play in Larryville tonight...on the patio of the Lawrence Public Library!?

Richard says: "The library patio is the new Replay Lounge. I've said it many times: the hipster scene is always shifting. Now let's just see if they approve of me drinking PBR out there."

In other news, last night at Free State Richard paid a dollar to join the "East Lawrence Neighborhood Association," for which he will receive a series of bi-monthly "manifestos" featuring communal gardening 'do's and don'ts' ("Do, keep your area well tended; Don't, take all my fucking peas") and continuing coverage of the local chicken-ownership controversy. So far he's learned that East Lawrence has its own President.

Meanwhile, somewhere in southern Kansas, Kip is floating in a small boat on a pond and handwriting his dissertation. The current working title: " 'Are you gonna eat that taco, Sally?': The Effects of Eighth-grade Lunchroom Behavior on Afternoon Classroom Performance."


Dr. C said...

I'm gonna get a polka band together.

As soon as I learn to play my accordian.

Dr. C said...

That's a good picture of Sienna Miller.

She was pretty good in Layer Cake.

Now she's been cast as the Baronness? We shall see . . .