Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight in Larryville: It's a Fiesta!

The wildly popular Mexican Fiesta makes its annual appearance tonight at 12th and Kentucky.

Kip says: "I'm sure it's a nice family event but why should I, Kip Sm.lie, stand in line an hour in the heat for a tamale when I could just as easily go downstairs at the Iowa Street El Mez and watch a bunch of alcohol-lubricated underage sorority chicks partying. Yes indeed, the basement scene at El Mez is an unappreciated local treasure. They'll serve beer to anyone over ten. They'll serve beer to a goat. The only basement in town that's better is Pizza Pete's at The Wheel, where Pete is always dishing out free slices to sloshed chicks who show him their boobies. That man has seen more titties than he can count, whereas I've only seen five."

In pizza-related news, Papa Keno's is reopening. Yes, the long local nightmare is finally over! Once again we can enjoy a large slice sprinkled with hippie sweat.


Dr. C said...

Spiffy-Keen-o! I'm glad to hear Keno is back in business.

In other breast-related news, I just finished writing a page on nipple reduction. One of my sources was a website that asked its visitors to "pick the perfect nipple."

the judge said...

That "perfect nipple" business sounds like an excellent contest idea for a future Chronicle as well. We'll hold that contest at Q's!

fan of alcohol lubricated sorority chicks said...

"alcohol," "lubricated," "sorority chicks"...I knew there was a reason I read this blog!

And why, oh why, couldn't Kip have said an odd number of boobies?!

punch line said...

You're absolutely right, whoever you are! That would have been even more hilarious. In fact, I'll edit it (I'm totally in favor of collaborative blogging!).

Anonymous said...

YAY for Papa Keno's! And YAY for collaborative blogging! it takes a village.