Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Week in International News: Budweiser for Sale?

With Budweiser on the verge of purchase by Belgian corporation InBev, petitions have been circulating to save one of the last great iconic American institions.

Kip says: "This really hits close to home. It's easy to get confused by things in a town like Larryville, but when I sit down at Rusty's in Ft. Scott and open a can of Budweiser, things just become clear again: The President is right about everything. The Redneck Comedy Tour is fucking hilarious. John Deere is the best kind of tractor. Women are pretty. Budweiser, please don't take this away from us."

Richard says: "Generally, I prefer a good Mexican brew."

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Dr. C said...

Yeah, I think the sale of Budweiser is no big deal. They're already a huge corporation, so if they get bought by a bigger corporation, who cares? InBev sure sounds Orwellian, though. Great Tankerbell quote.