Monday, June 9, 2008

This Week in Local News: A New Bar Opens! / Plus, CLUCK if you love chickens! / Also: another downtown concert!

As some of you may remember, the boys are still on their journey to Chronicle every bar in town (a difficult endeavor with Kip opting to spend his summer on a front porch in Ft. Scott, sipping lemonade with a lazy old hound dog asleep peacefully at his feet). Richard, who can sense when any new bar opens within a half-hour radius of the city, recently spotted a mysterious looking venue called Nargillo Lounge, opening next door to the Merc. Is this, in fact, a bar, as it appears to be? Or is it some strange place for the Granola Kids next door to take a break after a long afternoon buying healthy nuts and herbs. Hopefully the boys will pay the Nargillo a visit soon.

In other parts of town, it's been a rough few weeks for local backyard chicken owners as City Hall has launched a massive campaign to separate them from their beloved birds for fear of diseases being spread by the chickens. Outraged chicken owners have formed a group called CLUCK (Coalition of Lawrence Urban Chicken Keepers) to combat this outrage. An inside source recently informed Richard that the group held a secret meeting attended by none other than former Mayor Boog Highb.rg.r, a longtime favorite of the blog, who once proclaimed a National Dada Month for Larryville. Boog supposedly informed the group that the chicken controversy would likely blow over if the group would simply simmer down and abandon their plans to launch what one concerned citizen dubbed a "full-feathered chicken-costume raid on City Hall."

In happier news, the success of last month's downtown Wilco concert has prompted Larryville to embark on a summer concert series. The city has decided to follow the influential Wilco with a very special evening with...Poi Dog Pondering.

Kip says: "Finally, we're getting some real bands. I was over Wilco as an undergrad, but this Poi Dog show has some potential. I'm hoping the city can book Was(Not Was) or Frankie Goes to Hollywood later this summer!"


Dr. C said...

Cluck-cluck! A new bar? B-kaw!

nargillo vs. replay said...

Yes, it's always exciting to see a new Lounge in town! But I have a feeling it won't quite measure up to our best Lounge!

Dr. C said...

I have a pic from Quentin's first visit to the Replay up in my cube at work. I look forward to the day when I can take him back for a John Courage.

Dr. C said...

Oh, and thanks for the promo!

john courage said...

To share a beer with one's son at the Replay Lounge would indeed be a father's proudest moment!