Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking Local News: White Owl Gets Engaged!

Renowned local hippie and avid football fan, White Owl, 61, came to national attention last year during KU's march to the Orange Bowl. This week he announced his engagement to a 22 year old KU Junior he met on Wescoe Beach. The boys wish him well.

Dr. C says: "This is certainly outside the 'Gentlemen's 7' rule, but at the same time it's a powerful testament to the power of true love."

Kip says: "Gross."

Richard says: "Maybe if I remain in Larryville another quarter of a century or so, I can become a famous local character myself and finally get to bang a 22 year old."


Beige Owl said...


I highly suggest a Google search and read the story about this. Some of the quotations are insanely weird. And this guy was invited to give a lecture in a class. No shit?

But proof that there is slim hope for Kip. Alas, that hope is around 30 some odd years away, but hope nonetheless.

white owl is a national treasure! said...

I'll check out the story!

The Chronicles is also planning to interview White Owl (the man himself!) at some point in the near future!

researcher said...

Yeah, that's the same article as the UDK? I decided not to write about all the "saving ourself for marriage" and "she reminds me of my mother" business!

I prefer to think of this as a good old-fashioned tale of an old hippie banging a free-spirited young gal!