Friday, June 13, 2008

The Boys Get Rated! (by their students!)

As those of you who are teachers may be aware, a website called Rate Your Professors allows students to voice their pleasures and displeasures regarding those who work so hard to inspire them each day. Reading such comments provides some interesting insight not only into our educational system...but into the boys' personalities. Here are a few excerpts:

Comments on Richard

"Sweet southern liberal with very thick glasses."

"...he goes to the Red Lyon!

"richie is awesome. sometimes hes kinda funny."

Comments on Kip

"Nice guy, pretty easy. He asks you to think though, and that can get on some ignorant peoples' nerves."

Comments on Dr. C

"I like him so far... He does like to side track a lot though. Its funny."

Comments on Cl.thier

"very funny, & super hot"

"Matt Clothier is like a hot version of Sean Hayes"

Comments on Z-Man

"Some days all we did was take a 5 question quiz then leave."

When our friend Z-Man first heard about the website, he flew into a wild rage, screaming that it wasn't fair that our students could evaluate us in such an on-line forum while we could not similarly evaluate our students! In retaliation, he went on-line and wrote many false reviews of himself and his fellow teachers. Here are a few that may (or may not) have been written by Z-Man (the Richard one may have been written by Dr. X).

"[Z-Man] B.rthelman rocked especially when he would bring his guitar and play for us."

"Richard rules like Fergus rules. You shall obey and submit to his will and supreme authority. You will break. The Richard Essence will then ascend to towering heights."

"Mr. Cl.thier is a living, breathing Adonis. His teaching must be inspired by his own incredible physique. I know it inspires me!"

Cl.thier vs. Sean Hayes Comparison Test: Can you tell which is which?


The Mysterious Dr. X said...

*sigh* The one time I'm actually prominently mentioned on something, I get axed by The Chronicles! I've got more ratings than the lot of you put together... one of you jackholes probably put that picture of me up there!

Shenanigans! Fucking shenanigans!

radio silence said...

But Dr. X always raises hell at any mention of himself around here!

(otherwise, his 44 ratings would be prominently included and analyzed!).

effing shenanigans said...


sweet southern liberal said...

I just wish Z-Man would read the blog and share his thoughts on Rate Your Professors!