Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekend Picks: Jenny Lewis; Fashion Shows; Protest Marches

What's going on this weekend besides the beloved horse parade in LFK and the Noise for Toys fundraiser in KC? 

Here are a few options.

Jenny Lewis hits Liberty Hall. We've offered, via Twitter, to take her ice skating or buy her a milkshake at Ladybird before the show. But she hasn't responded yet.  Our daydreams may never come true.

There's a fashion show in the cockfighting pit at Frank's on Saturday.  We've waited a long time to say that. Here's a photo someone took of a flyer, from the FB event page.

And do something important on Saturday afternoon, why don't you?  Join the March Against Police Brutality at South Park on Saturday at 2:30.  The FB event page reveals 220 supposed attendees.  Hopefully it's a big event.  And  hopefully all the horses from the horse parade are out of the streets by then.

Here's an image from the FB page that they are requesting people "print, post, and share."

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