Thursday, December 18, 2014

Weekend Holiday Picks: Retro Holiday Dancing, Die Hard, Kansas Nutcracker, Shitty Deal Puppets, and More!

It's snowy/slushy in LFK!  Let's get in the X-mas spirit.

Kick things off with a retro holiday bash at Frank's this evening,  We plan to perform most (if not all) of the dances from the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Check out the full details for BongoTini's Annual Christmas Festiganza via FB.  Starts at 7:00 (and 7:00 actually does mean 7:00 at Bongotini events, at least in the past).

Friday is Die Hard day at Liberty Hall! Shows at 7:00 and 9:40.

You've got a few more chances to catch the annual Kansas Nutcracker at Lawrence Arts Center.  We'll be live-tweeting on Saturday! (well, at least during intermission).  Who all stars in this one?  Is Tyler Gregory playing John Brown?  What role will Peace Rob play?  Is there a scene where Brownback actually squeezes the metaphorical nutsack of Kansas in a vise-like grip?

Or perhaps your idea of the holidays involves country music, burlesque, and comedy.  The Outlaw's Wild West Christmas event at the Granada might be for you.  Plus, it's a Toys for Tots fundraiser, and that's a good thing.

And it's not Christmas in LFK until Mr. Doper and the Shitty Deal puppets pop up to get filthy.  They're at Frank's on Saturday. The  event page promises "A yule log, A Menorah, A Secret Santa.... A foul mouthed sock puppet....PBR." 

That does it. As Mr. Doper would say: Merry Christmas, kids!  We're done here until after the holidays...

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