Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Annual "Very Special Christmas Message" From The Noise FM

As reliable as Santa, but much drunker, The Noise FM return to the region every year around this time for their annual Noise For Toys fundraiser for Toys for Tots.  They also send along their annual inspiring Christmas message to our blog readers.  This year's event is at the Riot Room on Saturday.  The FB event page is here and make sure to check out a flyer AND teaser-trailer for the show down below, which features cats and a sexy dance party with special scenester guest stars.

Thanks, Noise Boys!

"This is our 7th year hosting the Noise for Toys benefit concert and here’s what you already know:  Noise For Toys is the greatest charity event in the world. We started the event in 2008 while living in Lawrence, hosted it for four years at The Bottleneck (and once mistakenly at the Replay), and have also been hosting events every year in Chicago since 2010. All proceeds and toy donations from the shows are donated to the Toys For Tots organization which provides children in need with gifts in the Kansas City and Chicago areas. Our best guess is that we’ve raised several million dollars in donations and helped at least a couple million kids, but none of us are mathematicians so those numbers may not be accurate. Point is, Noise for Toys is a huge deal, and we humbly accept everyone’s praise for hosting such a life-changing concert. You’re welcome.

That said, last year was an absolute disaster. Santa could have taken a steaming dump in those poor kids’ stockings and it would have been more successful than the shitshow we hosted. We thought it would be fun to move Noise for Toys from Lawrence to the Riot Room in Kansas City last year. Mix it up a little, ya know? We’re wild like that. Anyway, if you’ll recall, the temperature on December 21 of last year dropped 30 degrees in less than 24 hours. By 6pm there was an inch-thick sheet of solid ice covering Kansas City. The National Weather Service issued an alert while we were driving from Chicago that we were facing “dangerous freezing conditions” and to “avoid highway travel at all costs.” Two of the four bands cancelled at the last minute due to hazardous roads. By the end of the night we had collected only two toy donations at the door (three if you count the Batman bobble head that we ended up mounting on the dashboard of our van), and the children of Kansas City could be heard crying in their beds as Christmas came to an icy death.

Despite the odds, our friends still came out to dance and everyone ended up having a hell of a good time. We’re not ones to learn from our mistakes, so let’s try it again!

Join us at Riot Room in Kansas City on December 6 along with the fine musicians (and part-time orthopedic surgeons) of Hembree and Bonzo Madrid. Plus DJ sets from French Horn Rebellion and Sheppa! Tickets are $10 at the door OR only $6 with the donation of an unopened toy to Toys For Tots. Music starts at 9pm. Wear an ugly sweater, or if you’re feeling really frisky, an ugly swimsuit for our 90-gallon eggnog dunk tank!"

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