Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weird Royals Story of the Week: A Homeland Security Panty Raid!

Chip has been annoyed by the lack of titillating stories here lately, so today we're focusing on one of the more unusual tales to spring up around Royals-mania in KC:  a good old-fashioned panty raid conducted by no less than...the Dept. of Homeland Security!  What??

KC artist (and former Work of Art reality-show contestant) Peregrine Honig found her "Take the Crown" panties confiscated from Birdies, her lingerie boutique, because the design of the KC logo was deemed copyright infringement. 

But why was Homeland Security involved?  We still don't really know. Read the Pitch version of the story here.

Chip: "Can we see a picture of the panties?

Sure, Chip.  Here's a pic from Birdies website.


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