Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Midweek Picks: Terror Tuesday, Royals, Nerds, and a Film Screening

The Royals are back after a rain out.  Where's your best Royals-watching bar?  We've sampled Burger Stand, Conroy's, and Gaslight for recent games.

Due to the Royals, the Terror Tuesday double-feature at Frank's has been reduced to one midnight screening:  Night of the Comet.   For those who were looking forward to Night of the Creeps, local jokester Peter Lyrene made a screencap of all the best parts. You can find it on the FB event page.

The Nerds are back on Wednesday but don't worry: the Royals afternoon game should be over by eight (depending on how many extra innings they inevitably play). Too bad the subjects aren't baseball-centric. But they ARE suitably spooky for an October Nerd Nite: "Mystery, Monsters, and Maggots." There's also a costume contest. The  FB event page is here.  But no official poster? Come on, nerds!

Liberty Hall hosts a film screening of God, Grant Me on Thursday.  Some pals of ours worked on the flick.  It's about drugs and cancer, but we hear it's funny too! And maybe sort of "meta?"  Find the FB event page here and the film's official FB page here with a full synopsis. Here's a bit of it:

"With a heavy focus on connection through flaws and finding reality through fiction, ‘god, grant me’ focuses on how the messy bits of life can lead to a deeper and more lasting revelation. Even more so than those sappy love stories."

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