Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Zombies, TOPS, Massholes, and Beetlejuice

The Lawrence Zombie Walk has become an almost shockingly huge event.  But will the rainy weather keep the boring high-school zombies away and return the streets to the true freaks?  Let's hope so.  Starts at sundown.

Meanwhile, the jokers of Harpoon Presents will be inside the Replay, hopefully riffing on the zombies as they pass by on the street.  FB event page here

According to the music mavens at Love Garden, the TOPS show at the Replay on Friday is the place to be.  Pitchfork claims their song "Outside" "steeps itself into the wistful sentiments of soundtracks past, as if it was lost in a prom shuffle between Cyndi Lauper’s "Time After Time" and Berlin’s "Take My Breath Away".  Nice to see the LG gang getting in touch with their softer sides!   Listen here.  Damn, it IS a pretty song.

The Massholes crew is back for another round of LFK-trivia on Saturday at the Eagle's Lodge.  There will be two quizzes (7:30 at 9:00) and there will be "brownies for townies."  Weed brownies, we assume?  Don't attend unless you know shit!  Local shit.  Of course they're using the instant-classic Bob Schumm recycling photo as their FB event page cover pic.  The photo appeared here last week but we'll use it again because it's still funny.

And BARRR made a poster too:


And Liberty Hall screens Beetlejuice on Sunday.  Check out this early Burton/Keaton greatness to prepare yourself for the sure-to-be-legendary Keaton turn in Birdman, which hits theaters soon (but not soon enough).  Is there a poster for Sunday? We can't find one.  The FB event page is here.

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