Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Break Picks: Royals, Rain, Comedy, and More #LFKGridlock Downtown

Mother Nature is doing her best to ruin what should have been a truly epic day in KC, with the Royals heading back to the K and a lot of folks off work for Columbus Day and ready to party.  Will the game go on?  Place your bets.

Here in LFK, it's Fall Break for KU, so the rain is no surprise. Has it ever NOT rained almost continually during Fall Break? 

Luckily, the Harpoon Presents gang is hosting a big Monday evening (6-9) comedy show at the Replay to keep you amused.  Headliners Dave Ross and Zach Peterson seem to have impressive backgrounds, and plenty of your favorite LFK jokesters will get the night rolling.  Get the details here.  This one even has a nice poster.

And on Tuesday, head down to City Hall and tell the City Fathers that TWO YEARS seems too long to close down part of the 8th and NH block to aid in constructing another tall building project!  Details here.

Go Royals!

This KC weather dog is currently predicting the game will be rain-delayed but not postponed.

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