Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Outhouse: The Film / Scenester Pick of the Day: Morning Teleportation at Jackpot

We arrived in Larryville too late to witness the legendary era (1985-1998) when The Outhouse was not yet a strip club nestled in a cornfield outside of town but rather a punk rock club nestled in a cornfield outside of town that played host to everybody from the Meat Puppets to the Descendents to Fugazi.

A documentary (The Outhouse: The Film) is now in the works about this era and the filmmakers are looking for interview subjects to gather on Nov. 5 at Record Bar in KC and Nov. 6 at the Jackpot in Larryville to tell their Outhouse stories.

Visit the cool website for full info and a kick-ass photo gallery of fliers from the shows.

Chip: "I don't get why there's so much nostalgia for a smelly rock club when the venue is so great as it is right now. A perfect Larryville night is to board the Boobie Bus for a relaxing ride into the country and lie on the stage with a dollar in one's mouth while a young woman grinds her perfumed crotch directly into one's face. Beats Fugazi any day."



Readers, we invite you to tell US your favorite Outhouse strip club stories for a future oral history blog project we're putting together on the current incarnation of the venue. Don't be shy. We know most of you have been there. Get in touch.

Chip: "I also hope to obtain a few 'oral histories' from the strippers, if you catch my meaning. I understand they'll give you one for the right price."


Our research shows that Morning Teleportation has a history on the jamband circuit, so that's a scenester strike against them, but they are from Portland, so it balances back out. They're at the Jackpot tonight and they look like this:

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