Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On the Horizon: White Owl's Nuptials and Larryville's Sidewalk Sale!

With White Owl's marriage fast-approaching, the boys have spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect gift. But what to get for the old hippie who has everything (including the love of a nubile college Junior)?

Richard says: "I'm going to go with something tried-and-true, something I know they'll both get a lot of use from: a new bong."

Kip says: "My gift is a bit more unconventional, and mostly for the bride-to-be's father. I've hired a deprogrammer to figure out if she's been brainwashed."


Next week brings what is possibly Larryville's largest summer event: The Downtown Sidewalk Sale.

Kip says: "This is a day when the local shopkeeps move their wares out on the sidewalk and a lot of sweaty and very large women who don't normally go outdoors show up and they grab, grab, grab everything in their radius. One time a woman grabbed me. I think she thought my shirt was for sale. If you are smart, you'll skip this and just go to Wal-Mart."

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