Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Boys Consider Local Music

During their journey through local bars, the boys have naturally encountered many bands on the local scene. Today they share a few thoughts on several of the better-known Larryville acts.

Drakkar Sauna

Kip: "It sounds like frogs of varying sizes are being hit on the head with mallets."

Richard: "They have a song called "Very Much Alone, Part 4: Oh Fuck, I'm Fucked, Fuck." I haven't heard the first three parts, but this one is pretty good."

Fourth of July

Richard: "My friend King Tosser says these guys have the best-looking fans in town. I always expect to get laid when I see them, but this hasn't happened yet."

Boo and Boo Too:

Richard: "I don't know much about them but the name annoys me in a way I can't fully explain. It makes me want to throw rocks at them."

Deadman Flats:

Kip: "At Fatso's I once danced with a hippie chick while they were playing. Did you see me spin her around the floor? It was neat."

Black Christmas:

Kip: "This sounds like a pagan ritual and I make sure to leave town when they have a show booked."

Z-Man: "Once I ate a 'special' mushroom before their set and I realized that they are the single greatest musicians to ever pick up instruments."

Matt Cl.thier:

Matt Cl.thier: "Truly, I have the sexiest fans in town and someday Richard and Kip will surely get laid after one of my shows. Possibly during."

Kip: "He used to be my officemate."

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