Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Hip-Hop, More Buskers, Kawehi, and Pie

With KU back in session, expect some zingers about new students at tonight's Harpoon Presents.  We recommend some weed-related bro jokes about this week's fire at Sigma Chi. The FB event page is here.

MORE buskers in downtown LFK? Say it ain't so.  But it's so. KC's Moondrop Circus performs outside the Granada all evening as part of Final Friday. 

The Replay turns into a full-on dance party not just on the patio but inside as well on Saturday.  Is this like ASSJAMZ but for scenesters?  The FB event page is here.

Interweb sensation Kawehi visits the Bottleneck on Saturday for her first official "hometown" show (though  she played on the street for free a few weeks back).  It costs $10-ish bucks, but she seems nice and some people seem quite excited about it!  The FB event page is here.

Finally, holy shit, the Ladybird Diner opens Friday.  You can bet we stopped by the "soft opening" last night to eat a slice of coconut cream pie before the crowds land this weekend.  We predict lines around the block for a week or two, but who knows?   Pro tip: make sure to read the menu carefully and look for the WKRP in Cincinnati reference.  Here's the beautiful black and white photo from Aaron Paden via their FB page.
It's like hanging out inside the movie The Last Picture Show...but happier!

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