Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weekend Picks: The Sweet Boys; Dance Parties; ET; and Folk-Punk

In addition to some challenging and ambitious local theatre and Linklater's masterpiece Boyhood (finally) opening at Liberty Hall, what else is on the cultural horizon this weekend?

Well, it's Thursday, and the Harpoon Presents gang insists that tonight's "Good Time" is their highest-profile yet, with an entire showcase of touring out-of-towners including Chicago's Sweet Boys.  The news has been so troubling this week that we kind of hope all these jokers steer clear of Ferguson, MO commentary and Robin Williams references and just offer some nice clean observations about their dicks.  The FB event page is here. The Replay event is getting so cool that one of these days we half-expect to look at the line-up and see...well...Kyle Kinane or something!  Also, tonight's event is so important it even has its own tour poster in addition to the usual Harpoon PBR banner.


We're so hip that we've loved Middle Twin since...they were called Brain Food! They're touring all over this summer, including a September stop at one of our old haunts: the White Water Tavern in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Man, we wish we could be at that gig!  In the meantime, you can catch them right here at the Granada on Friday, opening up for Foxy Shazam.  Prepare to dance.


Solo acts are a tough sell at the Replay, and people sometimes talk louder than the performers. Brett Newski brings his "American Folk Armaggedon" tour to town for the Replay patio show on Friday.  Maybe his folk-punk will wake up the lazy Friday evening boozers.  His official website is here.

Did you all know the Jackpot is still a functional venue that sometimes has bands that you recognize? It's easy to forget. But there's a good show on Saturday featuring local favorites La Guerre, OILS, and Narkalark AND it's a benefit for GaDuGi Safe Center.  The FB event page is here.  
And did you catch the recent Paste Magazine piece called "Eight Kansas Bands You Should Know?" One of them is Narkalark! 

But what if you're looking for some good clean innocent fun for the whole family?  Head to the KU Natural History Museum on Saturday for an open house at 7:30 and an outdoor screening of ET on an inflatable screen around dusk.   Details here.

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