Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beers of the Week: Zombie Monkey at Burger Stand; The Cowboy at Ted's Taphouse; and Miller High-Life (On Ice) / Also: Kansas Gets Naked

Our "beers of the week" column has been absent of late, but we had to bring it back in time for tonight's release of "Zombie Monkey" at Burger Stand (along with a Tallgrass Tap Takeover). 

And since there are a fair amount of gun battles on Lawrence streets these days, Evil Twin's The Cowboy down at Ted's Taphouse might be just the beer if you are heading to a duel (but not a high-noon duel, since Ted's doesn't open prior to noon).


And what else?  Well, we spotted Monzie Leo drinking a Miller High-Life on ice with a twist of lime at the Replay last night.  We know a Hamm's on ice is called a "Doorkno" but we don't know what this is called.  A "Monzie" perhaps?

Enjoy this fun Mad Libs-style game via this site.


When a nude man strolled the streets of Top City last week, many were surprised to learn that there's no Kansas law forbidding it (except "in the context of sexual arousal," and no one was likely to be aroused by this fellow).  But of course the Top City fathers aren't willing to take any risks that such nudity, arousing or not, will spread like wildfire, so they are taking quick action against it.

In the meantime, surely you can strut your bare ass around LFK with impunity.  We've been seeing these signs around town lately if you'd like to get "nude positive."

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