Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy; Block Parties; T-Gregs; ConfabuLarryum; Your Friend; and More

It's Thursday, so let's see who's being funny at the "Good Time" comedy event at the Replay.   Oh shit!  It's Rob Schulte's birthday showcase!  Will he get a public spanking while everyone makes 50 Shades of Grey jokes?  The FB event page is here.


The Sandbar has expanded their annual block party to two nights this year.  That makes an extra night for townies to complain that they can't get to the Taproom very easily!   Remember last year when Cowboy Indian Bear opened for The Fabulous Thunderbirds? That was weird. This year it's back to the usual hijinks, with party bands like Sellout (in the Friday night slot).   The FB event page is here.  Check out this photo from last year which surely set a record for the most people who have ever been near a Sandbar Subs shop at one time!


Meanwhile, Your Friend has returned triumphant from recent tours and is headlining the Granada along with the increasingly-awesome Westerners.  Also: Paper Buffalo and Twinsmith.



And don't forget ConfabuLarryum on Saturday morning and afternoon.  We wrote a preview earlier in the week.



Tyler Gregory hasn't been as ubiquitous as usual lately, but you'll find him on Saturday at the Bottleneck opening for the Tallbot Brothers.

We can't find a flyer for the show but here's a picture of T-gregs inspecting a puppy courtesy of our friends at I Heart Local Music. Click the link for a fun story about local musicians and their dogs.


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