Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weekend Picks: Comedy, Comedy Freakouts, Pickers and Fiddlers, Hot Rods, Shy Boys, Major Games, and Sleepy Kitty

If you're somehow able to navigate 100 degree temps, new student drivers, #LFKGridlock, and the Busker Fest, there are plenty of things to check out this weekend.  Here are some worthy ones.

Thursday = Replay comedy.  After last week's out-of-town showcase, tonight looks to be mostly about the local yokels.  But they're funny too.  Hopefully no buskers will attempt to perform during the open mic portion. The FB event page is here.


Once you're nice and stoned on Friday night, Frank's is the best place to hear drug jokes.  Comedy Freakout is back in session.  In addition to the comedy, Narkalark is the house band, providing some music to help your freakout experience.  Here's some info:
"It may not be a "Back to School" Spectacular, but we're Back to bringing you some of the most whiz-bang visiting headliners, psychedelic sounds, and hacky Smothers-Brothers-style jokes about hippie/drug culture this side of the Kansas River (North) and train tracks (the wrong side)."

The FB event page is here.

We're scared of buskers, but we're quite fond of the old-fashioned charm of the annual picking and fiddling contest in South Park.  And this year there's a pre-party at the Replay for the Friday matinee.  Come down and stomp along.

It's gonna be hot for the Hot Rod Hullabaloo on Saturday in South Park.  But greasers thrive in the heat.  Warning: there will be at least one busker at this event (Bekah Smith, comedy juggler).

And there are several great scenester rock shows this weekend, starting with the OILS 7' release party at Replay with Drakkar Sauna and This is My Condition on Friday.  The FB event page is here.  

Check out BARRRR's cool poster:

And Mr. Berwanger is back from tour and ready to rock the Bottleneck with headliner Major Games on Saturday.  Luckily, we stumbled across this gig from one of the bands' FB pages,  because we sure as shit wouldn't learn about it via the Bottleneck's mostly non-functional Twitter account now that our good pal Rob moved on.

And Shy Boys have a Replay release party on Saturday with our friends Rev Gusto and the excellent Sleepy Kitty from St. Louis.  The FB event page is here.  And you can read our fun 2013 interview with Sleepy Kitty here "Our band name inspires people to show us pictures of their cats." 

Here's an odd poster:

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