Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beer of the Week: Boulevard's Hibiscus Gose / Handsome Devils of the Week: Christian Lee Hutson and Danny Pound at the Replay / Buskers of the Week: The Silly People

Did Free State's recent Burroughs' beer leave you hankering for another sour beer?  It seems unlikely.  But here's hoping Boulevard's adorable new pink sour beer called Hibiscus Gose will be more pleasing to our palates (which are stunted from too much PBR).  It's described as both "sour and salty," which seems promising, and it hits shelves in KC today.  Somebody bring us a swig, why don't you?


Rolling in from Nashville for the second time this summer, handsome devil and all-around sharp dresser  Christian Lee Hutson drops by the Replay on Thursday night.  Maybe he liked the PBR so much he had to return?  Find some tunes and a lot of info here via our friends at The Temp Agency, including this absolutely stellar description: "...think a drunk and sedentary George Jones being channeled through a drunk and animated Conor Oberst."  

Opening up the show (or maybe headlining, it's often hard to tell!) is something to lure the locals called the "Danny Pound/Doug McKinney Musical Exploration."  The FB event page is here along with this troubling photo.


With Busker Fest fast approaching, we feel it's our duty to highlight some of the buskers that townies will want to make sure to avoid.  Today's choice: The Silly People"Phil LeConte and Colin Franks are two guys from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario who have a flair for ‘silliness’".

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