Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Night Picks: The Wizard of Speed and Time at Trash Nite and Comedy at Johnny's Tavern

It's a quiet Tuesday in LFK. What should we do while sitting around waiting (impatiently) on Ladybird Diner to open?

Trash Nite at the Bottleneck could be an option. The FB event page description certainly sounds intriguing:

"TRASH NITE presents the comedy-fantasy cult classic THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME in an exclusive, feature-length, never-before seen EXTENDED CUT, never released in theaters, home video or the internet!"

How have we never seen this before. Check out the Wiki page here.



And the LFK comedy boom continues with an event at...Johnny's Tavern in NoLaw?  This one costs $10 so it damn well better be funny!  There is a FB event page here and hopefully more than 7 people are attending.

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