Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final Friday Picks: Art Emengency; Music Art; and Art for the Children!

Believe it or not, Final Fridays are still a thing.  Let's take a look at a few art options if you're spending a lazy Labor Day weekend in LFK.

Our weird friends out at ELFK's Art Emergency have a cool event and also win the Final Friday poster of the week award.  Check out the FB event page here.

Love Garden serves up art about music (and also some music) at Fally's "I Heart Local Music" photography exhibit.  FB event page here.

For something different, how about the "Kids-A-Bunga" show at Henry's, a show created and curated by kids.

Chip: "I'm hoping this will finally be an unpretentious art show, yet I suspect the child-artists of LFK will be there drinking sangria and explaining how their stick figures and paint splotches symbolize the fragility of human nature in an incomprehensible world."

The FB event page is here.

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