Monday, August 25, 2014

LFK Gets a Speakeasy: John Brown Underground

Readers, if you're like us you've been saying for a long-time that LFK needs a speakeasy.  Lucky for us, the John Brown Underground opened up on Friday with no fanfare, no sign, and no advertising, just like a good speakeasy should.  From the comfort of this underground lair, we had no idea that a Busker Festival was raging just above our heads.  So stop by (if you can find the place) and order a $9 Pimms Cup and a $6 "sack o' nuts" and a $2.50 Hamms (their four-beer menu is NOT going to please craft-beer lovers).  The front area is smallish, with several spacious booths and a few comfy chairs.  The back area features a mysterious "poker room" (which doesn't seem to allow illegal poker playing, damn it) and a "family room," both of which must be reserved, though opening-weekend visitors were allowed to take a look.

Here's the cool John Brown mural on the wall via @steve_dahlberg.

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But where IS this place, you might be asking?  We can give you a two word hint:  Game Guy.

Supposedly they open every night at 5:00.


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