Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Picks: Patio Doo-Wop; Pre-Apocalyptic Comedy; Farmer's Ball; and a Birthday Bash

There's a Dean Monkey and the Dropouts matinee show at the Replay tonight. It probably won't look like the photo below, but it's likely to look weird in some fashion.

Beloved radio personality Laura Larson gets top billing in the newest hijinks from the Under the Table gang.  Catch them in the basement at Frank's at 10:00 on Saturday.

We predicted three out of the four bands who advanced in last week's Farmer's Ball contest: Psychic Heat, Paper Buffalo, and OILS.   Westerners caught us by surprise.  Check out this recent profile from our friends at I Heart Local Music and make sure to head to the Bottleneck for the finals on Saturday.  We've got a PBR riding on Psychic Heat but of course it mostly depends as usual on who gets to play the late night slots after all their friends have shown up to vote.

But Saturday's wildest gig is surely Black on Black headlining a "birthday celebration of fucked up proportions" at the Replay with a stacked four band bill with Red Kate, Ebony Tusks, and Sona.  

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