Wednesday, April 30, 2014

LFK Event of the Week: MXM2014

We all know that LFK musicians are great at playing drunken shows at 1:04 am at the Replay, but are they always great at getting people to attend these shows?  Or getting their music out to the masses?  Well, maybe not always.  Luckily, the silly geese from Silly Goose Records are hosting a major "music industry event" this weekend called Mix/Master (or the hashtag-friendly #MXM2014), which will feature a Saturday afternoon of  panels at the Bottleneck about "copyright--contracts--royalties--bookings--radio--promoting" and more.  And that will be followed by music from area favorites The Phantastics, Forrester, and others.  

Nick from Silly Goose Records sent us this blurb about the event:

"We all know that Lawrence is full of great music, ranging from the zany and bizarre to some really accomplished musicians and bands. The general idea is that there actually is an audience out there for whatever kind of music you get off on, and through MXM2014 we're aiming to help bands think about how to reach that audience, and yes, even make money from it. It's a pretty radical idea."

Check out the Silly Goose website for MXM2014 here and the FB event page here. And make sure to attend the Friday "songwriter night" kick off party at Five Bar and Tables as well:   info here.


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