Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Local Girls Make Good: Your Friend and La Guerre / (Root) Beer of the Week: Judge Wapner's Root Beer

Today is for the ladies!

As all of you scenesters well know, Your Friend is all over the place these days, with a new album on Domino Records, a great new LFK-centric video for "Tame One" (watch it below), and a sweet opening slot  for Real Estate at Liberty Hall tomorrow (Apr. 10).   But what happened to her unusually punctuated name that we loved so well??  Perhaps it was too difficult for the lazy media outlets?

And La Guerre is on a roll too, with a new album called Rare and Collectible Spirits (stream it here via Bandcamp) and a great opening slot next week at the Granada with ex-hometown heroes Mates of State making their second LFK appearance within a year.  It may not be as awesome as last year when MoS played that "surprise" gig in the cockfighting pit in No Law, but it will still be pretty awesome.


Normally we don't support non-alcoholic beverages, but we're making an exception for the funky sodas down at Mass Street Soda, which opened up yesterday at 1103 Mass.  Our favorite so far: Judge Wapner's root beer.  The catchphrase is: "I sentence you to drink my root beer."  No need, Judge!  We'd totally drink it of our own free will. 

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