Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Early Final Friday Pick: Watkins' Museum Exhibit on Student Hangouts

We are far too old to know very much about today's student hangouts.  But we know a little.

We know that the Boom Boom Room at the Hawk is a good place to screw in public.

And we know that Quinton's now operates a bus that will come pick you up on Tuesday nights and deliver you to the bar to get hammered.  (take notes, Replay!!).

But we're anxious to learn more, particularly about the student hangouts of the past, when LFK was the kind of conservative place that burned pinball machines and banned dancing, Footloose-style. Check out Lawhorn's fun LJ-World piece on the era here.

So we'll be headed to Watkins Museum on Friday evening for a Final Friday exhibit called "From Classroom to Cafe: A Century of Student Hangouts," which promises to trace student hangouts "from the confectioneries and soda fountains of the late 1800s to the bars and concert halls of today."  We're particularly interested in the Dine-A-Mite Inn, a 23rd Street hotspot in the late 50's where, according to Lawhorn's piece, rival fraternities would often settle disputes by having a sing-off.  Terrific idea, bros!  Why can't we return to those peaceful times instead of today's dumbass street "brawls" outside Brother's.

Here's a photo we snagged from a cool site featuring a lot of classic LFK photos.

Chip:  "The old stuff is cool, but hopefully the exhibit features a video installation with some nice Vines from the Boom Boom Room."

Visit the FB event page here.  So far, two people are going, which sounds about right given the recent lack of excitement about Final Friday events.

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