Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Few More Final Friday Picks: Genetically Engineered Unicorns; Art on a Fence; Better Block Lawrence

We're sticking with the "Student Hangouts" exhibit at Watkins as our top choice this week (check out our preview here),  especially because we're now told there will be free booze from the Sandbar on offer (Bahama Mamas!).


And you surely can't go wrong with a Justin Marable Wonder Fair exhibit about  "a mythical herd of genetically engineered unicorns" called "Waste Not Mystics."  Visit the FB event page here, where we snagged the cover photo:


Our friends at the @FakeFinalFriday Twitter account tipped us off to a non-fake (though it sounds kind of fake) show by Dave DeHetre called "On the Fence."

Description:  "Since it's been almost a year since I showed any of my new work, I thought I'd throw some stuff up on my back fence for this month's final fridays. My fence is conveniently located behind sunfire ceramics, kinda near the LAC and the Percolator. So stop by."

The FB event page is here


We're a little unclear on the Better Block Lawrence project in ELFK, but it certainly sounds like a good thing:  "BBL is currently engaging local community residents, artists and business to help envision a better 9th Street, connecting Massachusetts to Pennsylvania and the East Lawrence Arts Warehouse District. The goal is to envision what a sustainable community might look like in a Lawrence Arts District, and to the local community an opportunity to share their vision for their neighborhood."

Check out their FB event page here.

And we also hear there's a sweet new coffee shop called Decade over there somewhere (9th and Delaware). Go and find it and report back.

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davedehetre said...

Hey! thanks for the mention. the fence thing is real and worked out well. kinda fun, and will probably do it again.