Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Unknown LFK Festival of the Week: Hijinks Festival at Bottleneck Tonight / Homecoming Show of the Week: Mammoth Life at Jackpot on Friday

Sure, you're all excited for the Middle of the Map Festival in KC this weekend, but what if you need a little (and much more reasonably-priced!) festival right in the damn middle of the week.  Well, head to the Bottleneck tonight for the Hijinx Festival, where $7 allows you to look at art, listen to comedy, and hear some bands including King Dong's Variety Hour (we are sad that we still haven't heard an act with a name so great).  Our new friends in Captiva are also on the bill, bringing the "funky shiz" over from KC.  Reread last week's interview over here

Visit the FB event page here


Lawrence has already had one delightful homecoming show this week (Hello Biplane at the Replay matinee on Sunday) but now we're craving another.   Luckily, our ex-LFK friends in Mammoth Life will be back in town from California on Friday at the Jackpot.  The show flyer is also our favorite of the week, because it's got a kitty on it!

Note: if you liked Hello Biplane on Sunday but wished they would have rocked the fuck out, go check out Braden and Spencer in a band called Alien Hellbop tonight at the Taproom's "Weird Band Night."  Also on the bill is "LFK's premier beer-rock band" with the delightful name of Gnarly Davidson.  FB event page here.

Bonus photo: Hello Biplane taking flight at Replay!


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